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Hello World

Hello World….

Or slightly more specifically, Barrie-Simcoe.  My name is Rob Morgan and I might be your photographer.  Whether I am or not though, you’re welcome to read along with my ramblings as I discuss the ins & outs of Real Estate Marketing from the viewpoint of a Photographer.  My intent is to help you get the most out of your marketing budget, help you build a brand that gets you more listings and maybe share a few laughs along the way.

Some of the topics I plan on covering

  • Real Estate Photography: How to tell good from bad? The value of good photography to your sales process and brand building efforts.
  • Advanced Real Estate Media: Popular before Covid, but a necessity since. Look at the most successful brokerages in your region and you see more advanced media like Video & 3D Tours on their listings as a basic matter of process.  They didn’t become successful and then add these listing requirements, they became successful because they did.
  • Websites, Landing Pages & Lead Magnets: A massive missed opportunity for many agents. I see so many of you on social media posting, liking, & getting likes but your virtual presence ends there.  You’re losing leads and clients to agents who go further.
  • Brand Building: Way more than just a logo and head shot


Some of the items above I’m an expert on, others I’m not.  When I’m stepping outside of my personal expertise I will do my best to show my work and provide the sources and resources I’ve come across that have helped me arrive at the opinion I’m sharing.  My intent with this blog isn’t to be the Guru of all things RE, but to create a conversation that helps Real Estate Professionals bridge the gap between best practices across multiple disciplines that can help you land more clients, more listings, and ultimately be a part of more transactions.


Good luck out there and stay safe



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Hello World

Hello World…. Or slightly more specifically, Barrie-Simcoe.  My name is